Been able to be organised, on time is one of the most biggest things you need in life it shows responsibility/professionalism. been on time so that your not behind schedule the communication you need in everyday life is your phone,email,laptops, getting your point across.  you should always be assertive because you will it in everyday life. you should never get aggressive because it could turn in a bad situation.


Learning Styles

visual learner

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My learning skill is a visual learning I need to see something with my eyes to learn it some people find it easier to learn by looking at something like writing,diagrams, lists.visual learners might intend to say ‘give us a look’ ‘show me’ as in lets say if some one sees something on a phone and they say look and they want you to go over to them you may intend to say show me which they might give you the phone.

I’m good at using the computer I know how to use the mac,Microsoft, I know how to set up the camera, I know how to edit videos and use Photoshop and illustrator, I can use a good few things on the omputer.

I was missing a lot of days and been late it cost me nearly getting thrown out of my course but I stepped up and learned from it I haven’t been late or missed a day I was behind on a lot of work and I was able to catch up and move on and get the rest of the work done that i needed to get done I am now nearly a month of being early and not missed a day so far id like to keep to that and keep up the work and the attendance.


Learning outcome 1 digital media technology

dm tech.jpeg

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Technology has changed a lot since 20 years ago, we now have smartphones, computers, laptops, gaming consoles, smart tv’s, there are so many shortcuts on all different kinds of technology now. life is so much easier since they made all this technology. You don’t need to knock for your friends or anything you can talk to them true phones Playstation, Xbox. business men/women dont have to send letters by post anymore you can fax them or email them. You can listen to music on YouTube, music app. You can watch movies on sites like Netflix, Putlocker so you dont need to go out and buy DVDs anymore. Everything is all at a touch of a button.You can get google maps on your smart phone so you can take it on the road if your going on road trips. Online banking is useful on your smart phone because you can check your balance & you can transfer money from your account to another account. Hailo on your phone is great because you can see where your taxi is and it tells you how long it’s going to be and who your taxi driver is and their driver number.Dublin bus you can check the times of the next few buses.Leap cards are good because you save money rather than spending loads.Top-up online you can top-up your phone credit by online.Contactless payment you no longer have to put your pin in if your buying things.


Article on blanchardstown ctc.


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On the 2nd of February a game of football took place in the Millennium Park in Blanchardstown the following classes took place is the sports class, digital media class.It was a nice day so Simon took us out it was a great game of football we all had a good laugh no one was moaning it was a straight forward game. There was at least 15 people playing. The only problem was the treacherous condition of the astro. Here are the following people who played “Carl, Steven, Mark, Ionut, Dallen, Adam, Simon, Aaron, , Benny, Karl, Englaz.




Graphic Design Learning Outcome 8





After Norway edited.jpg

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I learned how to edit the picture, sharpen it, crop it, blur it, patch it,brighting it.

The crop tool is for picking a piece of the picture and taking out the part the you don’t want.

The sharpen tool is to make it like sharpen the edges and all that better.

The blur tool is to blue the parts that dont really matter and to give it that better touch.

The patch tool is to make adjustments to the picture.

The brighting/contrast tool is for that you can make the picture brighter or darker.


Learning Out 6 Digital Media Technology and the creation of an online identity


Image Credits: CAS 283 Spring ’15 Sec 005

1) What is online identity?

An online identity is a your personal profile.

To keep some personal information private.

You need an online identity for the likes of social media etc.

2) What is Social Media Optimization?

You can add sharing buttons,we can include keywords,quality over quality,sharing links/your own, putting up things regular content.

3) Why do you think social media marketing is important?

To get you product sold,and to get your brand to the highest as it could be.

You don’t need much experience you dont need alot of money,by helping your self you could help other people by getting there business or product out there.

Joe Soto built a 1.1 million dollar company out of a small amount of money and not much experience.