Learning Styles

visual learner

Credits: DigitalChalk

My learning skill is a visual learning I need to see something with my eyes to learn it some people find it easier to learn by looking at something like writing,diagrams, lists.visual learners might intend to say ‘give us a look’ ‘show me’ as in lets say if some one sees something on a phone and they say look and they want you to go over to them you may intend to say show me which they might give you the phone.

I’m good at using the computer I know how to use the mac,Microsoft, I know how to set up the camera, I know how to edit videos and use Photoshop and illustrator, I can use a good few things on the omputer.

I was missing a lot of days and been late it cost me nearly getting thrown out of my course but I stepped up and learned from it I haven’t been late or missed a day I was behind on a lot of work and I was able to catch up and move on and get the rest of the work done that i needed to get done I am now nearly a month of being early and not missed a day so far id like to keep to that and keep up the work and the attendance.



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