Learning outcome 1 digital media technology

dm tech.jpeg

Credits:Thoroughly Modern Marketing

Technology has changed a lot since 20 years ago, we now have smartphones, computers, laptops, gaming consoles, smart tv’s, there are so many shortcuts on all different kinds of technology now. life is so much easier since they made all this technology. You don’t need to knock for your friends or anything you can talk to them true phones Playstation, Xbox. business men/women dont have to send letters by post anymore you can fax them or email them. You can listen to music on YouTube, music app. You can watch movies on sites like Netflix, Putlocker so you dont need to go out and buy DVDs anymore. Everything is all at a touch of a button.You can get google maps on your smart phone so you can take it on the road if your going on road trips. Online banking is useful on your smart phone because you can check your balance & you can transfer money from your account to another account. Hailo on your phone is great because you can see where your taxi is and it tells you how long it’s going to be and who your taxi driver is and their driver number.Dublin bus you can check the times of the next few buses.Leap cards are good because you save money rather than spending loads.Top-up online you can top-up your phone credit by online.Contactless payment you no longer have to put your pin in if your buying things.



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