Learning Out 6 Digital Media Technology and the creation of an online identity


Image Credits: CAS 283 Spring ’15 Sec 005

1) What is online identity?

An online identity is a your personal profile.

To keep some personal information private.

You need an online identity for the likes of social media etc.

2) What is Social Media Optimization?

You can add sharing buttons,we can include keywords,quality over quality,sharing links/your own, putting up things regular content.

3) Why do you think social media marketing is important?

To get you product sold,and to get your brand to the highest as it could be.

You don’t need much experience you dont need alot of money,by helping your self you could help other people by getting there business or product out there.

Joe Soto built a 1.1 million dollar company out of a small amount of money and not much experience.


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