Learning Outcome 10



Image credits: Dreamstime.com

Copyright is a legal concept that is enforced by governments to protect the authors of original work. It originally just applied to books but these days includes film and music too.Copyright means that the author of he work has the right to copy it.For other types of media it gives rights in terms of who can perform it,remix it, play it,etc. Its to save at least the authors or musicians right.


Data Protection


Image credits: Keep Calm-o-Matic

When you give your personal details to an organisation or individual, they have to keep these details safe and private.This is known as data protection.An organisation that has your personal data must get and use the information fairly and use it for only one or more clearly stated and lawful purposes.



Image credits: keywordsuggest.org

Defamation means to public untrue remarks about someone that may damage their reputation.You might have heard of newspapers being sued for this occasionally.Everyone is entitles to a certain amount of privacy and digital media is having a huge effect on our privacy.Basically everything is been recored weather its a circuit camera or a phone camera.

Consumer protection


Image Credit: Law Society of South Africa

Most consumers interact with digital media by shopping online.You actually have more rights when it comes to online shopping than you do in a walk-in shop.For example,the items will take a certain amount or time to ship out to you, so you have an extended period of time to return these items if they are faulty to accommodate fort this.

Internet Policy


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Most business,including BCTC,have an IAUP (Internet Acceptable Usage Policy).This describes what websites can be accessed and gives on how to avoid viruses that propagate through pop-up ads and spam emails.It provides a list of what sites are deemed acceptable (For example, movie streaming sites would not be relevant to most jobs, so they would be blocked)and what information to employees who might have access to description of any disciplinary  action that might apply to those who breach this IAUP.

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