Learning Outcome 2 Digital Media Technology And Organisations.



3 Sentences on digital media technology on businesses .

  1. Digital media technology has provided many new ways for businesses to communicate,  both amongst their own employees within the business and their customers.
  2. Communication is much faster these days thanks to the likes of email.
  3. Imagine how long it would take to get anything done using paper memos and post? Digital media technology also permits people to collaborate  on projects even if they  are in different countries

Different types of examples.




Sites that to do with money.



Birth cert office

A site that involves the government.



Duo Lingo

Educational and online learning.


Communications: talking to someone e.g phone call, text, email, in person etc.

Email:sending messages electrical from one device to another.

Customer: someone that buys something from the business.

Relationship : been close to someone that trusts you.

E-commerce: its got to do with sites to do with money.



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