Graphic Design Learning Outcome 1


New York Film Academy

I learned about all the different definitions and stages of graphic designs.

A definition of graphic design is finding out about audience for the design.

Graphic Design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazine or books it is a way of communicating visually.

It involves process (designing) and product (finished design).

It is used in the likes of slogans, logos, marketing,movies,books,advertisement, magazines.

Brief: Its a meeting between the client and the graphic designer about what needs to be done what way it will go and the cost of the job.

Research: The graphic designer researches information the for ideas of the design.

Brainstorming: The designer brainstorms ideas to figure out what way the design will go.

Thumbnail: Thumbnail is sketches of the ideas and to investigate their ideas work.

Development of Ideas: The designer picks the best thumbnails and develops them more.

Client Presentation: The designer gives a brief description slideshow on what way it turned out to see if the client likes the way the designer made it.

Preparation of Finished Artwork: the client approved the design and then the designer hands it over to the printer to check for any mistakes made.



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